Past clients include Feeding America | Artswave | United Way | Children's Hospital | Our Harvest | The Hive Cincinnati | TRIIIBE | MYCincinnati and Mindful Music Moments.


All feedback was provided anonymously by coworkers during Design Impact's 360 Reviews in 2018

"Biz's warmth, energy, and deep, genuine human compassion are a huge part of what makes DI DI. She has taken such amazing care of this role and prepared the organization in so many ways. She is really good at quick problem-solving and is so patient with others."

"Biz is a natural problem-solver because she's creative, flexible, adaptable, and listens with empathy. Those qualities not only give her a knack for coaching people through problems both big and small but combined with her strong learning mindset and endless well of patience, she is a key asset to the team."

"Biz's creativity is unmatched. I will forever be impressed with how creative her brain is."

"Biz is a problem-solver extraordinaire. Her ability to see with a beginner's mindset a problem and ways to address it is unmatched. Her genius is seeing different ways of understanding a problem and figuring out all sorts of ways to respond. On the fly. And also, in a more ongoing and sustained way. She sees the problem, as it is and persists to solve it. She brings joy, creativity, and open-mindedness to our team and work every day."

"Biz has really been flexing her videography muscle in the past year. Her ability to tell stories through video is enhancing project work and our final project deliverables. She's also really developed her graphic design skills. She is able to visually bring ideas to life. Biz embodies creativity and empathy. I see this as a big strength of hers."