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Films I've created
as a one-woman team

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To The Land


Olivia Nava nurtures the land and her community by farming on a family-owned cooperative that has been standing for over 100 years within the city limits of Cincinnati, Ohio. This short film is part of the Emmy Award-winning series, bombASSbabe.

bombASSbabe Series

2018 - present

bombASSbabes, an Emmy-winning series, celebrates the tenacity of Cincinnati's creative women. Each short film showcases the world of a different artist as they perform, explore, or reflect on their unique creative energy. 
Published on Women of Cincy  |  More at bombASSbabe.com

Women's Climbing Festival


Five women, all connected by a love of climbing, share deep insights about their relationship to the sport during the popular all-female climbing festival, Flash Foxy. Audio and footage were recorded between bouldering sessions in Stone Fort Chattanooga throughout the 3-day festival. 

Sugar of the Earth


Debbie and Fred have chosen a humble lifestyle. They breathe intention into everything that they do, not only for themselves but also for generations to come. This video was created entirely in 5 days for the Kentucky Mountain Workshop in the foothills of Sugarloaf Mountain.  

Envelope Adventures (my first video)


We all start somewhere. I started in my freshman year college dorm room, meticulously moving little pieces of doodled paper to create a stop motion film with my very first point and shoot camera. I remember being so proud. 



My camera has been everywhere from dangling off my harness, a hundred feet up in the Red River Gorge, to the middle of the savannah somewhere east of Lubumbashi, Congo next to a hand-drawn map. I pursue projects that explore narratives not often recognized in mainstream media and I strive to use storytelling as a tool for social / environmental activism. 

I began my career at a social innovation nonprofit where I learned community organizing, empathic interviewing, and the human-centered design process. Combining this knowledge with my love of filmmaking in 2016, I grew a deeper social and emotional awareness of visual media and began collaborating on films celebrating underrepresented stories. I'm currently working as a Video Editor with The North Face.


I welcome all collaborative opportunities with massive amounts of enthusiasm
Here's what I've worked on recently...

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