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She Explores Podcast

Episode 175: The Ripple Effect

An Interview with Documentary Filmmaker Biz Young


Ghosting |  Biz Young and Caitlin Behle

Better Climbing Beta

Being a Female Climber |  Biz Young and Lilly Irwin


No Man's Land Film Festival

Women in Film and Photography Panel

Women in Film

Fearless Film Festing Panel

Clifton Cultural Arts Center (CCAC)

Sunset Salons: Women in the Arts Panel


Womanly Magazine

Issue No. 6: Food, Nutrition, and Access in our Communities (film)

USA Today

The Most Inventive Arts Projects to come out of the Pandemic


Filmmaker Biz Young Explores COVID-19 Crisis Through Photojournalism


Behind the Lens with a Few Local Pros


Colorado Women in Film

Movers & Makers Magazine

Bringing New Music to New Ears

Têra Kaia Collective

How Coronavirus is Impacting the Lives of Outdoor Women

Outdoor Research

What's really behind the hype for all-women climbing events?

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