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Traveler Comes Home
Collaborative Films
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The Traveler Comes Home

The North Face, 2020 | In-Field Sound

An all-female film crew followed Marie-Louise Nkashama (Director) as she journeyed back to the Democratic Republic of the Congo for the first time as an adult. The short documentary uncovers the mixed emotions that come with being first-generation Congolese-American. 

Other roles: Assistant Editor and Additional Cinematography.

Beyond The Scope
Beyond The Scope
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Beyond The Scope

Outbound Collective, 2021 | Editor

Anna Le, an aquatic ecologist and environmental educator, has a deep desire to cultivate a more inclusive outdoors for all. An Outbound Collective film, produced in partnership with Wondercamp, and presented by HOKA.

Oliveros Response Project
Oliveros Response Project

Response Project, 2021 | Director, Cinematographer, Editor 

Inspired by the late composer Pauline Oliveros and her "Sonic Meditations", these short films explore Deep Listening through a collection of narration, meditation, and performance. Each of these films takes place in one of four historic Cincinnati buildings, now left in decay. Produced by Brianna Matzke of the Response Project.